SRK once gave career advice to Abhishek Bachchan, it really helped him shape his career!

Faisal Azam

Shah Rukh Khan is one of the great actors who has been ruling Bollywood for decades. He has a massive fan following in India and has totally ruled the box office whenever hit movies hit the screens.

On the other hand, Abhishek Bachchan is one of the popular actors in the Bollywood film industry. He debuted with the war film Re..gee (2000). However, his film career didn’t take off properly as he expected. He ran through unsuccessful ventures

In the very initial years of my career Shah Rukh Khan ji explained this concept to me in the most precise manner. In fact, one day as both of us were having a conversation and I popped out the same question to him stating ‘You’ve done amazing work, which one is your favourite and what all roles would you like to do’, talking about the same, Shah Rukh replied, ‘Whatever work and roles I’m doing right now! Always remember you’re an actor. Ask yourself and introspect, if whatever you are doing right now is not your favourite, then why are you even doing it? Don’t focus on what is going to happen in future. Just focus on your present and give your 100% to it’. Since then I added this piece of advice to my life cart and I highly swear by this career advice,” Abhishek Bachchan said while speaking to ANI.


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