READ FULL STORY -- The Unsettling Disappearance of Bryce Borca After a Halloween Celebration,

Faisal Azam

On October 30, 2022, Bryce Borca, a local resident of Eagan, Minnesota, was reported missing after a Halloween celebration with friends. The evening began uneventfully as Bryce and his friends enjoyed the festivities and departed around 2:00 am using a Lyft service. Bryce was last seen being dropped off in the 3200 block of Hill Ridge Drive, not far from his home.

Concern arose when Bryce, evidently disoriented and mentioning he was lost during a final FaceTime call to his friends, failed to return to his apartment. His phone, running low on battery during the call, showed his last known location near a forested area. This was particularly worrying as it was noted that Bryce was highly intoxicated, raising concerns about his ability to navigate safely back home.

The Eagan Police Department has been rigorously investigating Bryce's last known whereabouts. His cell phone last pinged in an industrial area close to Yankee Doodle Road and Highway 13, moving towards a wooded region characterized by marshes and ponds. Despite extensive search efforts spanning over 1000 acres and involving drones and canine units, no significant leads have been found.

Bryce's family, desperate for any information, has announced a $30,000 reward for details that might help locate him. The community has come together in support, hoping for Bryce's safe return.


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