READ FULL STORY -- How a Midnight Wild Animal Stopped World War III in Its Tracks!

Faisal Azam


In October of 1962 in Minnesota, a peculiar incident almost triggered a catastrophic event. Closer to midnight, a vigilant guard stationed at a Duluth air base noticed a silhouette scaling the security fence.

Presuming it to be a Soviet infiltrator, the guard fired a warning shot and triggered the "sabotage alarm," prompting an alert to all neighboring bases.

Meanwhile, at Volk Field in Wisconsin, a wiring mishap caused a false alarm. The blaring Klaxon falsely signaled an impending nuclear conflict, prompting armed F-106A interceptors to scramble for takeoff.

Before the gravity of the mistake dawned, the aircraft were already taxiing down the runway.

Thankfully, a hastily dispatched truck from the command center managed to halt the aircraft just in time, averting a potential nuclear disaster.

The intruder, as it turned out, was nothing more than a curious black bear.


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