READ FULL STORY - Did Hitler behave kindly in private? Was he an advocate of animal rights and a vegetarian? I find Greta Thunberg's views to be somewhat r*miniscent of Hitler's.

Faisal Azam

During his later years, Adolf Hitler adopted a vegetarian diet, a change that occurred before World War II. He showed a preference for dishes like stuffed squab and Bavarian sausages in the earlier years, but by 1942, he declared himself a vegetarian.

The Nazi party had some surprising interests, including environmental protection. Figures like Heinrich Himmler and Hermann Göring expressed concerns for animal welfare, advocating against hunting and promoting wildlife conservation. Today, German animal welfare laws can trace some of their roots back to this era.

The Nazi regime's professed care for animals seemed sincere, emphasizing the importance of protecting them, even at personal inconvenience. However, this care contrasts sharply with other actions of the regime, such as inhumane experiments conducted on prisoners.

An interesting tidbit from the final days of the war: as Soviet forces neared his bunker, Hitler, distrusting even his closest associates, tested cyanide pills on his beloved dog, Blondi, to ensure their efficacy. The loss of Blondi reportedly deeply affected him.

On April 30th, after Hitler and Eva Braun's deaths, Blondi's puppies were also euthanized. Reports suggest that the impact of Blondi's demise was deeply felt, illustrating the strong emotional attachment to the dog


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